I proudly present to you my collection of Airsicknessbags on this website. This collection is a combination of my interest in civil avation and foreign country’s and cultures.

This website does not focus on the ‘technical’ details of my Airsicknessbags (size, material etc.). These do not have my interest. Also, it is not my ambition to own thousants of bags. However, any addition to my collection is more than welcome!

I do try to focus on this website, albeit in a modest way, on the countries (through some photos) and the airline company’s (in the form of a brief description of the history) that the bags represent.

This collection is made possible with the help of familiymembers, friends, friend of friends, business relations and so on. There are too many people to mention. However, because the following people made such a significant contribution to my collection, they deserve a special word of thanks.

– Eric van Amerom, The Netherlands (Eric died in February 2015, only 50 years old.   Eric donated his collection of airsickness bags to me)
– Robert Brons, The Netherlands
– Thorsten Hecht, Germany
– Bruce Kelly, USA
– Nico Snels, The Netherlands
– Vincent Tepas en Ingrid de Vos, The Netherlands 
– Vidas Vekerotas, Lithuania

These, and other collectors are also mentioned on the ‘Other Collectors’ page of my website.

The collection is arranged as follows:
–        continent
–        country
–        airline
–        bags.

At most bags, there is a design number. I gratefully used the website of Bruce Kelly for this.

The size of my collection at this moment is as follows:

Countries Airlines Bags
Africa 27 52 140
Asia 47 203 641
Europe 41 224 813
North America 14 58 155
Oceania 6 11 37
South America 11 52 122
Totals 146 600 1908









Rank #27 on Paul Mundy’s ‘Collection Bagometer’. To see more: www.bagophily.com, click on Collections.

The main airlines of my collection are:                                    The main countries of my collection are:
01 Virgin Atlantic Airways             35 bags                                01 Germany                            119 bags
02 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines       27                                          02 China                                  117
03 Thai Airways                             21                                          03 UK                                        116
04 Air Berlin                                    18                                          04 USA                                       76
05 Lufthansa                                  18                                          05 Spain                                     66
06 Delta Airlines                            17                                          06 Netherlands                         60
07 Condor                                      16                                          07 Italy                                         52
08 Air China                                   16                                          08 Brazil                                      49
09 EgyptAir                                      15                                          09 Turkey                                    40
10 Turkish Airlines                        15                                          10 Thailand                                39
11 Singapore Airlines                   15                                          11 India                                        38

Latest update: February 5, 2018