Yemenia, also known as Yemen Airways is the national airline of Yemen, based in Sana’a. It operates scheduled domestic and international passenger flights out of its hubs at Sana’a International Airport, and (to a smaller extent) Aden International Airport.
Yemenia dates its origins back to Yemen Airlines, a company that was founded in the second half of the 1940s. When the Yemen Arab Rebublic was proclaimed in 1962, Yemen Airlines was issued a new airline licencer (which remains valid until today), thus becoming the flag carrier of the country. In 1967, the airline entered a co-operation with United Arab Airlines, which lasted until 1972. During that period, it was known as Yemen Arab Airlines.
In 1972, the Yemen Airways branding was launched, which coincided with the company being nationalized. The current name Yemenia was adopted in 1978.
When South Yemen was united with the Yemen Arab Republic to form today’s Yemen in 1990, plans were made to form a single national airline by merging South Yemen’s Alyemda into Yemenia. In 1996, the merger could be completed.
Source: Wikipedia


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