Syrian-air-logoSyrian Arab Airlines, operating as SyrianAir, is the flag carrier airline of Syria. It operates scheduled international services to several destinations in Asia, Europe and North Africa. Its main base is Damascus International Airport and Aleppo International Airport.
Syrian Airlines was established in 1946. Operations began in 1947. Financial difficulties caused the suspension of services in 1948, but after receiving government support operations were resumed in 1951. In 1958, Syria and Egypt decided to unite, and the two countries became provinces of the United Arab Republic. The merger between Syrian Airways and Misrair, the state-owned airlines of Syria and Egypt came as a consequence of this political union. The airlines merged to form United Arab Airlines. The union between Egypt and Syria ended in 1961. Syrian Arab Airlines (S.A.A.L.) were founded in 1961 in order to take over UAA’s operations in Syria and to become the new national airline. The “SyrianAir” acronym was officially adopted in 1975 in order to generate a more modern and international image. However, SyrianAir’s official and legal title continues to be “Syrian Arab Airlines” to this day.
Source: Wikipedia

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