Jet Airways

Jet Airways was incorporated as an air taxi  operator in 1992. It started commercial operations in 1993. In 1994 a change in the law enabled Jet Airways to apply for scheduled airline status, which was granted in 1995. Naresh Goyal set up Jet Airways as a full-service scheduled airline to compete against state-owned Indian Airlines.
Jet Airways began international operations in 2004. In 2007 Jet Airways agreed to buy out Air Sahara. Air Sahara was renamed JetLite, and was marketed between a low-cost carrier and a full service airline. In 2008 Jet Airways announced its plans to completely integrate JetLite into Jet Airways. Jet Airways and their rival Kingfisher Airlines announced an alliance. In 2009 Jet Airways launched its low-cost brand, Jet Konnect.
Jet Airways is now the second largest Indian airline both, in terms of market share  and passengers carried.
Source: Wikipedia

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