Transavia, legally Transavia Airlines C.V. (formerly branded as, is a Dutch based low-cost airline operating as an independent part of the Air France-KLM group. Its main base is at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In France, Paris-Orly Airport is the main base of its French affiliate. chiefly operates scheduled and charter services to leisure destinations.
In 1966 the first commercial flight took the air. Building up the airline from scratch, ten years later Transavia had a marketshare of 45% of the Dutch holiday market and became the main competitor of Martinair. In 1986, the Transavia Holland brand was changed into Transavia Airlines. During 1991, the airline’s major shareholder, Nedlloyd, sold its 80% holding to KLM. In 2003, KLM acquired the remaining 20% of Transavia, making it 100% KLM owned.
In the early 2000s, Transavia was primarily a charter airline with a low-cost airline subsidiary called Basiq Air. To strengthen its brand image, the two were combined under the name in 2005. By early 2015, Transavia received a new corporate design dropping the “.com” from its public appearance as well as changing its primary colors from white/green/blue to white/green.
Source: Wikipedia

Transavia logo

Design #1

TA Design #2

TA Design #2

TA Design #3

TA Design #3; 2x

TA Design #4

TA Design #4

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TA Design #5; 2x

TA Design #6

TA Design #6 Design #1 Design #1 Design #2 Design #2; 2x

TA restyled #1

TA restyled #1; 3x