Air Vanuatu

Air Vanuatu is Vanuatu’s national flag carrier, operating to Australia, New Zealand and points in the South Pacific. Its main base is Bauerfield International Airport, Port Vila.
Air Vanuatu was established in early 1981 after Vanuatu gained independence from the United Kingdom and France the previous year. The assistance of Ansett Airlines was sought and a five-year agreement put in place for Ansett to provide aircraft and operating staff. In 1986 the agreement with Ansett expired and was not renewed, this had the effect of grounding the airline. In 1987 the company was re-established with 100% ownership by the government of Vanuatu, after a new commercial agreement was signed with Australian Airlines. Australian was taken over by Qantas in 1993, with the commercial agreement being rolled-over to Qantas as well. Qantas is deeply involved in the airline’s operations to this day.
Source: Wikipedia April 2018

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