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Ed Sluimer
J.W. van Puttestraat 18
4233 EL Ameide
The Netherlands

P.S. I don’t collect barfbags from trains, ships, ferries, buses et cetera nor any other bags.

My place of residence Ameide, a small village of about 3,000 inhabitants and situated at the borders of the river Lek in the heart of The Netherlands, is one of the oldest historic settlements in the region. The historic centre with its remarkable townhall from 1644 and the houses from the 17th century are protected town view. Also the Protestant church is worth visiting. Since 1657 every 2nd Thursday of the month Oktober the traditional horsemarket takes place.

River Lek

River Lek, Photo Ed Sluimer 2013


Townhall, Photo Ed Sluimer 2013

Houses from 17th century

Houses from 17th century, Photo Ed Sluimer 2013

Protestant church

Protestant church, Photo Ed Sluimer 2013