Other collectors

You can find a comprehensive list of collectors of airsicknessbags on www.airsicknessbags.de

I traded succesfully with the following collectors:

Toshiaki Anan, Japan – www.airsicknessbags.jp
Walter Brinker, Germany – www.bagstage.org
Denir Camargo, Brazil – email: delica38@gmail.com
Xusheng Chen, P.R. of China – www.airsicknessbags.cn
Gerd Clemens, Germany – www.baghecht.de
Fulvio Dossena, Italy – http://www.fulviodossena.it/bags/
Wolfgang Franken, Germany – wolfgang’s swaps
Alberto Gasto Bartlett, Spain – airsicknessbags BCN
Thomas Homer Goetz, Denmark – www.airsicknessbags.dk
Robert Grove, USA – email: rg2493@yahoo.com
Thorsten Hecht, Germany – www.baghecht.de
Bruce Kelly, USA – www.kellysairsicknessbags.com
Juergen Klein, Germany – email: juergen-klein@t-online.de
Marc de Kort, Belgium – bagtopia
Jaromir Kral, Czech Republic – email: bedakral@seznam.cz
Kimberly Lorin, Hong Kong
Wolfgang Lüthje, Germany – email: wolfgang.luethje@t-online.de
Petr Manda, Czech Republic – www.airsicknessbags.cz
Federico Mandrile, Italy – federico’s barfbag collection
Juan Carlos de Marco, Argentina
Frank Mulliri, Norway – email: bluesky@online.no
Kanako Ogawa, Japan – kanako’s collection
Abhay Phatak, India – email: abhaysphatak@gmail.com
Torsten Radtke, Germany – www.rato-kotztuete.de
Rainer Schwartz, Germany – http://www.rainer-schwartz.de.tl
David Shomper, USA – http://rockymountainbarfbags.com
Steve Silberberg, USA – www.airsicknessbags.com
Nico Snels, The Netherlands – email: nsnels@live.nl
Aidan Stradling, United Kingdom – email: aidan.strading@yahoo.co.uk
Leszek Szalapak, Poland – torby na pawia
Agatha Tauber, USA – email: detauber@gmail.com

Rolf Thalmann, Germany – www.rolf-thalmann.de/kt
Janusz Tichoniuk, Poland – www.yahodeville.com
Vladimir Tregub, Russia – barf bags from all around the world
Vidas Vekerotas, Lithuania – vidas’ sicknessbags
Niek Vermeulen, The Netherlands – email: lynternet@hotmail.com